Thursday, February 4, 2010

Something New

It's always the same thing when starting new, you want to be the best and have some amazing entrance that make people go 'This one's going places', but in the end it's the same thing over again; lost forever in the many -sometimes dull- posts.

Not that I care though.

I say what I want, do what I want and just overall do stuff. So while some post may have some meaning behind them others will definitely be pointless to the point of stupidity. Which in a way is hilarious.

I draw and write, so expect to see little -crappy- doodles and -crappier- bits of writing. I create characters and new story ideas like there's no tomorrow. My serious character sheets are usually five to seven pages long and my ideas are detailed from beginning to end. Now, I have written this in this post for the reason that this is what the blog would mostly be about. My story ideas which I just want to get out of my head. Sure I can easily write it in a notebook or a file on the computer, but then it'll stay there forever and ever, never to see the light of day again. Here if you like it, you can take it - unless its other wise said.

There will be other things types up in these post besides the drawings and writings, like fun bits about my life and just overall fun facts about things.

Well this is all I have for the first post, pretty long if I do say so myself. . . maybe I should have just said 'Ohgawd I'm new, love me!'

Peace out.



  1. I nominated you for the Sugar Doll Award:

    Ohmigod you're new!I love you!

  2. Hi Hello there I'm Casio Ruby and I'm a Newbie to the whole blogging thing too...My blog's pretty much just about how I deal with Photography,Fashion,Recurring Dreams about Waffles and Kramer,and playing killer tunes on my Piano "Gerard"....yes I'm ridiculously odd as if you didn't notice...So check out my blog when you get the chance...

  3. A fellow newcomer and my blog is nonsense to the extreme were it turns out making complete sense? Yah I deal with life and whatever else seems interesting to me in some way so I guess check it out Palease.....